VALKAN productions was founded in 2013, based in Hong Kong. We specialize in videography, animation & live event creation/support. We have worked with many clients locally and overseas bringing a high level of professionalism to each project we are involved in.

We were also proud to be the co-organizer of two large dance events based in HK- Destructive Steps VI & R16 Hong Kong 2014.

Joey Kan is the founder of VALKAN productions.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Joey went to Boston, USA at the age of 13 for schooling. He has stayed there for 9 years through highschool and university… Joey’s animation “Tomato Love” has won various awards at film festivals around the world, including “Best Animation” at Cinema Paradise 2005, Hawaii.

Joey began b-boying in the year of 2002. It has been a life changing experience adding layers of confidence and style in the way he views the world now through the unity of Hip Hop culture.

Joey has made two independent short documentaries about b-boying- “Break Borders” and “Break Borders 2″. They mainly focus on the lives of a few b-boys around Boston, HK, Macau and Australia. “Break Borders 2″ was one of the finalists for the 14th IFVA in Open Category. He has since created “bboyhk.com” an online portal for breakdance and hiphop related news and events in Hong Kong.

He has recently been involved as an editor and animator for a Discovery / TLC channel TV series and an Anti-Shark Fin film for an NGO named Bloom.


Cindy Wong is the VALKAN Producer/Assistant Director/ Artiste

Born in Hong Kong, raised in the heart of England. Graduated from Liverpool University, now grounded back in her birth place.

Cindy is much known for her work in the Hong Kong Film industry as well as the Corporate and TVC production world. She’s pretty much the multi-lingual all-rounder you can say, who’s never far off  from the gritty hardworking crew to the frontier on screen supporting cast.